just discovered that in Windows Server 2008 there is only a online defragmentation of the ADDS database. This online defragmentation removes all the deleted objects and rearrange data so it’s more efficient in the database. But it doesn’t reclaim the disk space used.- On a DC stop the ADDS Service. – Then start an command as an administrator. – Type the following in this order.:- Back in the command prompt copy the compacted version from C:\temp\ntds.dit to C:\Windows\ntds\ntds.dit – Then delete the log file by typing del C:\windows\ntds\*.log – Start the ADDS service again. – Take a systemstate backup of the DC. This is best practice because if you should be so unlucky that something gets deleted from ADDS or any other scenario where you might restore the ADDS database, you be back with the old ntds.dit database file.

  • – ntdsutil – activate instance ntds – files – compact to C:\temp – quit – quit
  • To reclaim the disk space and optimize the database you do the following
  • Submitted by hca on Sat, 05/19/2012 – 01:36