So I had a customer which got the following error message in the SMS_Exchange_Connector log.

Severity Type Site code Date / Time System Component Message ID Description Warning Milestone

RS1 10-02-2016 09:00:57 SMS_EXCHANGE_CONNECTOR 8817 Exchange cmdlet call failed. Cmdlet Get-Recipient.ErrorId: ParameterBindingFailed,Microsoft.Exchange.Management.RecipientTasks.GetRecipient Message: Cannot bind parameter ‘Filter’ to the target. Exception setting “Filter”: “The value “$True” could not be converted to type System.Boolean.”

The customer uses SCCM version 1511 and Exchange 2013 with version number 15.0 ‎(Build 1156.6)‎ The SCCM software is running everything on one single box.

I created a ticket on Microsoft Connect and Microsoft has been able to reproduce the error and there will soon be a hotfix available for the error.
The hotfix isn’t available yet. But once published it should be in following KB arcticle 3122637.

Update: The update is now available at


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Hans Christian Andersen
Cloud Solution Architect – EG a/s