So why would you connect to Office 365 via PowerShell? There are several reason. Two of them is that if you want to set password expiry to never or create shared mailboxes. That’s only possible right now through PowerShell.- Install the powershell CMDLets from this website You’ll have to install either 32 or 64 bit of these programs Microsoft Online Services Sign-In Assistant (IDCRL7) Microsoft Online Services Module for Windows PowerShellI’ll be posting more blogs about Office 365 and how to administer the solution.

  • – After installation to connect to Office 365 you’ll have to start the “Microsoft Online Services – Modul til Windows PowerShell” shortcut that got created during previous installation. – In the PowerShell prompt you type the following line to connect. Connect-MsolService (This will prompt you for administrative credentials for Office 365) – To test that you can retrieve users run the following command Get-MsolUser (This will list all user account that you created in Office 365)
  • To Connect to Microsoft Office 365 you’ll need to install the following
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