I had a problem at a customer that had being coming and going for 2-3 weeks. Today I finally found the cause.

The problem was that hardware inventory files on the MP in Adatum wasn’t being processed. It had accumulated to 35000 files, so their SCOM monitoring made an alarm about this.

Customer setup
The customer had a setup like this




I looked through the different log files but couldn’t find the issue on the management point in the Adatum domain. I tried re-installing the MP role and restarting the server in Adatum but it didn’t help.
I then started to look at the Primary Site Server log file mpfdm.log. Here is what i found:

A connection can not be made for [“Display=\\ABC001CM.Adatum.Local\”]MSWNET:[“SMS_SITE=IPS”]\\ABC001CM.Adatum.Local\ because one already exits to \\ABC001CM.Adatum.Local\ADMIN$~  $$<SMS_MP_FILE_DISPATCH_MANAGER><02-04-2016 08:53:32.082-60><thread=7200 (0x1C20)>
As the message indicates the file dispatch manager aren’t able to connect to the MP in the other domain because it already has a connection that’s blocking.

I did a server restart of the Primary Site Server and while restarting I looked at the connections on the MP in Adatum to see if the connections from the Primary Site Server disappeared from Shared Folders – Sessions.

After the restart I could see in the mpfdm.log file that the connection was made successfully from Primary Site Server to Management Point Outbox folder. The move operation then started to move the files from Outboxes\hinv.box, Outboxes\statmsg.box to the Primary Site Server incoming folder Inboxes. The hardware status now changed in the console and the problem solved.

I hope this helps any others in the same situation.

Feel free to write any comments below Smile


Hans Christian Andersen
Cloud Solution Architect – EG a/s